Walton Rods on the Frying Pan River

Mike Malchow Getting it done on the Frying Pan River!

Walton Rods has been growing slow and steady since our official social media launch about a month ago. Since that time, pictures have started appearing here and there featuring fish being caught on Walton Rods. It’s be pretty fun so far to tell you the truth!

Now, for the first time, here’s a video so you can see first hand exactly what these rods look like, and more importantly, how they perform.

One thing is for sure, Mike Malchow sure does have a good looking roll cast. He’s tried to teach me (Brad Smith) several times but luckily where I live, roll casts are not required.

Walton Rods will be launching soon. Right now we are looking at sometime this fall, but things can change. Initially, we will have three sizes in 4/5, 5/6, and 6/7 weights. All rods will be four pieces and nine feet long. After our launch, all sizes of our “Original” series will be available.

More details about our Kickstarter campaign will be forthcoming as the launch date keeps getting closer and closer. Please reach out if you have any questions in our contact form found at the top of the page.

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