The C9 is Coming Back and Better than Ever

The OG will be back in full force starting in 2019.  It’s hard to imagine that this year is already almost over. It’s been a wild ride for Walton Rods, too. As soon as we get another [...]


Walton Long Sleeve UPF Shirts and Face Masks Coming Soon!

It’s about time! Right?  Walton Rods is excited to announce a partnership with Recover to launch long-sleeve UPF shirts available through WaltonRods.com. What makes this partnership unique [...]


Walton Rods to Launch #KindFly Campaign, Earn Free Stuff!

#KindFly is the type of thing that can start a movement.  Walton Rods was founded with a few simple things in mind. One of the primary principles was to help promote the community of fly fishing. [...]


Meet Annie Susemihl, Our January Featured Fly Fisherman of the Month

If you know Instagram, then you have seen @annie_suse.  Fly fishing is a family. Well, at least it is on Instagram. Walton Rods has been active on Instagram for just over a year now and [...]


These Are The 10 Best Instagram Pictures from 2017

Narrowing it down to the top 10 wasn’t easy, but the stats don’t lie.  As a business account on Instagram, we have access to whole bunch of stats showing us all kinds of information [...]



The wait is almost over!  Goodness. We are excited about the Sully! So far, the reviews we have received about this line-up of rods has been nothing short of extraordinary. As we have been told [...]


Walton Rods To Donate Directly to Colorado Parks and Wildlife K9 Program

Our law enforcement needs all the help they can get.  In the two years that Walton Rods has been making fly rods, we have come a long way. Now, seeing as things are starting to grow, it’s [...]


Meet Sully, Walton Rod’s Newest Edition to the Lineup

The Sully is going to shake things up a little.  Back when Walton Rods was founded a few years ago, it was created by lifelong friends, Brad Smith and Mike Malchow. The company was named after [...]


N-9 Has Been Passing All The Tests. Here’s the Proof

It’s safe to say the N-9 has been surpassing expectations.  Final testing phases of the N-9 are still underway by our team members and industry insiders all over the US. We are very excited [...]


Walton Rods C-9 Now On Sale, N-7’s on 7/17!

It’s been a long time in the works, but the C-9’s are now on sale. It’s been just over a year since we first got our feet wet selling rods one at a time through e-mail contact. [...]

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