New Walton MT6 is Practical Peak Performance At Its Finest

For five years running, Walton Rods has been creating disruptive rods that many anglers love. We can’t thank you enough for the repeat business and the referrals. Our rod sales continue to [...]


Who doesn’t love a few fly fishing videos?

This quarantine has us getting pretty bored. Thankfully, most of us can still fish. Beyond that though, the most important factor in all of this is that we are staying safe and looking out for [...]


5 Simple PreSpawn Bass Tactics That Just Flat Out Work

Prespawn bass fishing is about to take off in full swing. Here's 5 things you need to know.


Walton Rods to add a spinning and casting lineup for 2020.

Walton Rods is about to take the next step. Walton Rods, primarily known internationally as a fly rod company, is branching out to into the world of spinning and casting rods for 2020. This has [...]


Meet David Tejedor (@davidpikefly) – He’s Our March Featured Fly Fisherman of the Month

We finally get to meet the man behind all those crazy huge pike pictures all over Instagram.  If you have an Instagram account and follow any fly fishermen, chances are good you have seen some [...]


WV Natives know why they call it fishing

It’s either fishing or it’s catching. WV Natives know there is a big difference.  Before I was married with a newborn son and fishing was my life, I spent close to 250 days a year on [...]