The wait is almost over! 

Goodness. We are excited about the Sully! So far, the reviews we have received about this line-up of rods has been nothing short of extraordinary. As we have been told repeatedly, it seems we have broken the mold for USA handcrafted fly rods with rods offered at prices below industry standards of high priced foreign made sticks. Therefore, we can’t wait to make these rods available.

As it stands today, we will be launching a 5wt and a 6wt (with a fighting butt) Sully at the Heartland Fly Fishing Festival on January 20th and 21st. We will also coincide this event with a Kickstarter campaign for everyone else who can’t attend this Indiana show.

The Kickstarter will only last for two days so you better be ready when it goes live. There will be show discounts on all our rods as well as launch only deals that you will never see again (more details to come). However, at full retail price of only $285, with no middlemen markups and other corporate BS you find elsewhere, this is already a heck of deal.

The sully is a faster action, lightweight, 9 foot, 4 piece rod. Just like with all our rods, we cover it with a no questions asked lifetime warranty. If you break it, you either get a new rod or a replacement piece.

Keep checking back! More details to follow!

Brad Smith

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