Walton Team Member Catches Rare Costa Rican Trout

It’s not often fly fishermen get the chance to chase after this Costa Rican trout  Capt. Jesse Males, of Backwater Fly Fishing, has done something that not many people around the world ever [...]


Where Did Walton Rods Come From? Here’s the Inside Story

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Walton Rods. Here’s the answers.  As we get closer to our launch via Kickstarter on March 1st, e-mails and social media comments [...]


Walton Rods Making Moves Before Launch

With just one full month left, Walton Rods is getting closer to launch! Goodness, time sure does go fast. It seems like just yesterday we were designing our first prototype fly rods. Now, just [...]


The Native Series From Walton Rods: A Small Water Dream Stick

The upcoming launch by Walton Rods will feature the Native Series. It is THAT good.  On March 1st, 2017, Walton Rods will officially launch through Kickstarter. Even though Kickstarter [...]