These Are The 10 Best Instagram Pictures from 2017

Narrowing it down to the top 10 wasn’t easy, but the stats don’t lie. 

As a business account on Instagram, we have access to whole bunch of stats showing us all kinds of information about our followers. As fate would have it, we can also see what our most views for our Instagram pictures of the year are as well. Recently, we were a little bored on a Saturday and started playing around with this feature and found it all to be pretty cool. So, why not share it?

Here they are for your viewing pleasure; the top 10 Instagram pictures posted on Walton Rod’s account for 2017.

#10. Sidney Renee with one of the first fish ever caught on the not-yet-released Sully fly rod. 

#9. Spencer Watson with a beauty. 

#8. Josh Phillips making one drip.

#7. Jesse Males with a Tico trout. You don’t see that too often. 

#6. Seth Nueman with a monster white fish. 

#5. Mike Malchow with a king cutty. 


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#4. Abigail Crider and a nice norther pike on the fly. 

#3. Sally Schmidt trying to figure it out. 

#2. Katie Cahn in her element. 

#1. Bridget Fable with a great tiger trout. 

Well, how about that? It appears our top 10 is dominated by high caliber fly fishing women. That’s pretty cool to see to be honest. These posts were sorted based on overall impressions and likes and once everything was sorted, they just fell into place.

Here’s to a great 2018!

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